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Do You Dream of A Life Where You Have 
Enough Energy to Get Through Your Day?
What Does That Look Like For You?

You have suffered long enough with Hashimotos.  It's time to unlock the reasons why so many women live in a constant state of overwhelm; struggling to sleep, battling weight, anxiety, depression, hormone imbalances, food cravings...and feeling as though they are living on the sidelines of life! It is time to begin your healing journey!

Hi! I'm Katie Fry, a Family Nurse Practitioner and owner of Key Family Healthcare. But, first and foremost, I am also a woman who struggles with these issues. I too have Hashimotos so  I created a program for myself, my sisters, my daughters, and my friends who have also  struggled.  Now, I'm bringing it to you, and I would like to invite you to an eye-opening Masterclass in YOU.  

I feel like you understand's surprising no one has ever said this before! This whole process is life changing!
Laura (Unlock Participant)

I know how it feels to live on the sidelines of your life.  I know you are ready for change.
So...if you're serious about wanting to:
Understand your body
Get the tools to leave 
behind chronic overwhelm
What Women are Saying About Unlock


Riana (Unlock Participant)
Katie's willingness to listen to participant concerns is unmatched by any other healthcare provider I have encountered. She walks you through what do do, step by step and obviously genuinely cares about her patients and will do all that she can to help them feel better.


Aimee (Unlock Participant)
I am finally sleeping...I completely forgot what sleeping all night felt like and how good I feel when I do!
Jessica (Unlock Participant)
I joined Unlock because I know my current state of health is not working.  I am looking to get to the root of my problems and find my way to a manageable, healthier normal. I want to enjoy living again, and the goals I am setting in Unlock will get me there!

Cindy (Unlock Participant)

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Meet Your Host
Katie is a Family Nurse Practitioner with nearly 20 years of nursing experience across the lifespan.

As an autoimmune patient herself, she places great importance on going beyond just the basics to help women understand their bodies and the ways they can promote wellness, from the inside out. 

Katie started this program for herself, her family and her friends who have also dealt with autoimmune and inflammatory conditions and is looking forward to partnering with YOU to overcome overwhelm and Unlock your health...for good!


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Would You Like to Chat Before Deciding?

If you need a little more time or information, please leave me your information and I will personally reach out to discuss your goals and see if Unlock is a great fit for you!  No gimmicks...just a conversation between you and me to answer your questions!  I am excited to chat!  ~Katie Fry, APRN,FNP-C